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R. Michael Phillips
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The Ernie Bisquets Mystery Series

Praise for R. Michael Phillips-

Between Good And Evil . . . R.  Michael Phillips excels at setting the stage for a good story. He beckons you inside with multilayered characters and artistic strokes of sensory details, and then pulls you through dark hallways of motivation and revelation. An absorbing, riveting good read.  
© 2016 D.A. Sarac, The Editing Pen

Passage Of Cirime
. . . This is a very well written mystery with very well drawn characters. It is a series you are going to want to follow. Now you will excuse me while I go back and start it from the beginning so I will be ready when the 4th in the series comes out!
©2014 Rantin' Ravin' and Reading, Kate Eileen Shannon  

Rook, Rhyme & Sinker . . . The storyline involving the mystery of a carved ivory rook's origin -- and of its owner's death -- is cleverly devised, and uses as its foundation the real Lewis Chessmen. There is also a considerable amount of good humor included. This is a series that definitely deserves a wider audience.   
©2011 Hidden Staircase Mystery Books   

Along Came A Fifer . . . is an utterly charming book. It is written in such a way that, if not for modern references like the cell phone and the Eurostar, it seems to take place in late 19th century England. The characters and their manner of speaking, the description of buildings and locations, even the cadence of the narrative, all evoke a Victorian, at times Holmesian, style. It's really quite remarkable.  
©2009 Hidden Staircase Mystery Books
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